Mini Mobile Batching Plant RD MODEL

Hr /Capacity - 10/15

Mini-Mobile Mohan - RD Series and mixing plant have made conditions more flexible and provide freedom to work easily at scattering work sites. They are...

  • Mohan-RD 10B1 - 10 M3/ Hr Capacity with Single Bin
  • Mohan-RD 10B3 - 10 M3/ Hr Capacity with Three Bins
  • Mohan-RD 15B3 - 15 M3/ Hr Capacity with Three Bin

Model Mohan-RD-10B1 Mohan-RD-10B3 Mohan-RD-15B3
Capacity 10(M3/Hr) 10(M3/Hr) 15(M3/Hr)
Drum Mixer 1380x1700 MM 1380x1700 MM 1480x1900 MM
RMC Out Put/Batch 750 Kg 750 Kg 1200 Kg
Batches Per Hour 30 30 30
Discharge Height from G.L. 1200 MM 1200 MM 1600 MM
No. of Bins 1 3 3
Material Feeding Manually Manually Manually
Aggregate Feeding By Weight By Weight By Weight
Water Feeding By Volume By Volume By Volume
Power Consumption
Drum Motor 10 HP 10 HP 15 HP
Water Motor 1 HP 1 HP 1x1 HP
Net Consumption 11 HP 11 HP 16 HP